Vivian & Steve

An entire weekend with no weddings, client meetings or events! Kev and I barely knew what to do with ourselves. Of course by Sunday evening, I was back to my email - and found Vivian Owen had sent me some photos from her wedding on August 4th. Vivian has such an eye for detail. All of her impeccable organizational skills made my job a breeze! A special thanks to Sally Gregory for her last minute steaming & sewing effort on Vivian's gown. The dress looked amazing. Here's a shot of Vivian and I checking out Sally's work earlier in the day.


Liz & Zac

Oh the glamorous life of a wedding coordinator... that's me on the floor scrubbing out some stains pre-ceremony. Steph Carson snapped this photo at Liz & Zac's wedding last month. Liz and Zac have this amazing chemistry. They were on cloud 9 all day. I love it when couples just let go & enjoy the day. I'm going to miss them since they are moving overseas soon! It's was first time I worked with Steph, but I've been an admirer of her work for a long time.