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Bridesmaid Dresses | ABCs of Wedding Planning

Next in our series.... Bridesmaids dresses.   I'm not sure about you but I'm completely addicted to the wedding shows on TLC and Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids, does not disappoint.  The chaos, hideous (and gorgeous) dresses, and the crazy southern mamas are worth every minute.  We're going to share some thoughts on bridesmaid dresses in general and of course share some of our favorites.

There are a million+ options for bridesmaids from inexpensive, wear again to over the top, could be a wedding dress creations.   Think of the vision you want for your wedding.  Do you want all of the bridesmaids to wear the same dress or do you envision something a little more eclectic?

Kristyn chose a gorgeous purple long gown for her bridesmaids.  The fabric was amazing and the color actually varied somewhat based on the lighting.   However to counteract the 'traditional' feel of everyone in a long gown - Kristyn had her maids wear a fun long necklace - which they each wore a little different.  The end result is simply stunning.

Images by Daniel Michael

Davis chose a gorgeous gold cocktail gown with a wide v-neck for her bridesmaids.  They complemented her traditional lace gown and the elegant decor at the Queen City Club. Each of her girls showed a bit of her personality by selecting her own shoes.  Oh my, I wish I could have taken a few of those home.  It was a shoe addicts dream.

Five by Five Photography + Design

Adrienne's bridesmaids also had awesome shoes.  Can you say Christian Louboutin? I love that the style she chose for the maids gowns complemented all three women.  The pearls tied with ribbon added just a little bit of modern to this classically gorgeous look. Add in the gorgeous bright florals and the result is a look that will definitely stand the test of time. 
Amanda Donaho Photography | Inspired Floral Design

Amanda Donaho Photography
Aaren had a gorgeous color palette of pinks accented with black & white damask for her wedding at the Glendale Lyceum.   She opted to let each of her bridesmaids choose a style that she felt the best in.  The key when you let your bridesmaids select their own dresses is to choose a designer, set a length and color+fabric combination - so the end result is cohesive but not identical.

Varland Photography

Anne's bridesmaid's dresses were some of my favorite of all time.  Maybe it's because I am a wee bit totally obsessed with the color.  Regardless they were beautiful.  Anne had her maid and matron of honor in straps and the rest of the bridesmaids, including an expecting momma in strapless.  The strapless version she chose had the perfect cut for an expanding belly allowing her bridesmaids to all coordinate without the expecting momma having to wear a maternity option.  Trust me, it's tough.  I could tell you about my shopping experience with one of my bridesmaids that was going to be 8 months pregnant at my own wedding, but I'm sure it's one of those "you had to be there" stories.  Basically we laughed so hard we both nearly peed our pants because the maternity options were so hideous. 

Bluebird Photography

Bluebird Photography

Nicole has a style all her own and wanted the same for her bridesmaids.  However the thought of finding a designer, color, etc. that made her happy was a bit overwhelming.  So she opted to have them all wear the same dress, but it could be configured more than 15 ways.  As you can tell - she had a lot of bridesmaids, so this dress from Two Birds Bridesmaids was perfect!   There isn't a location in Cincinnati, but Indy and Louisville both have stores.

Sherri Barber Photography

This final dress is one of my latest loves.  I have been slightly obsessing over it since I saw it on a recent episode on Say Yes to the Dress Bridesmaids.  Then I finally saw it in person at our wedding two weeks ago.  The dress was in navy and Sarah let each of her bridesmaids choose a style in the stunning peau de soie fabric.  This girl was in heaven.  I cannot wait to share those photos.  I've been stalking the photographers blog, so we'll be sure to share as soon as we have them!

Alfred Sung | Dessy Collection

The best advice we have is to have an idea of what you want BEFORE heading to the bridal store.  Communicate that to your bridesmaids and take reinforcements if you need them.  Anyone who will help you stay true to your vision - if you think you might get overwhelmed in the process.  Most of all - have fun playing dress up with your closest friends.


Aisle Decor | ABCs of Wedding Planning

We have a new feature - The ABC's of Wedding Planning.  We'll cycle through the alphabet touching on key wedding terms, trends & news.   Sit back and enjoy the first installmen. 

If you choose to have an outdoor wedding - the aisle decor can set the tone for the event.  From rustic elegance to simple but beautiful flowers - lining your aisle for an outdoor aisle is key to adding complementary visual interest to the natural setting.   A few favorites include the shepards hooks with mason jars (so gorgeous!) and simple flower pomanders.  Both add just enough to the decor without being distracting or overwhelming to the existing landscape.

Cincy Event Planning | TM Photography | Courtenay Lambert Florals | Inn at Oneonta
TM Photography | Inn at Oneonta
Courtenay Lambert Florals

Cincy Event Planning | Images by Daniel Michael | Krippendorf Lodge | Adrian Durban
Images by Daniel Michael | Krippendorf Lodge
Adrian Durbin Florals

A more traditional wedding setting is a church ceremony.   Cincinnati has some amazing cathedrals.   You might even decide to forgo any decor along the aisle because the cathedral itself is so amazing.   However, if you have a more modest church or would like to add a pop of color, a small gathering of flowers accented with ribbon (satin and chiffon below) is a perfect touch.

Nathan Peel Photo | Courtenay Lambert Florals | Anderson Hills UMC
Nathan Peel Photography | Anderson Hills UMC
Courtenay Lambert Florals
Cincy Event Planning | Courtenay Lambert Florals | St. Ursula Chapel | Bluebird Photography
Bluebird Photography | St. Ursula Chapel
Courtenay Lambert Florals
Cincinnati is home to quite a few other stunning venues including The Bell Event Centre and The Queen City Club (both pictured below).  My favorite accent for both of these venues are candles.  In the first photo our bride opted for large candelabras accented with hydrangea and then clusters of candles down the long aisle.  At the Queen City Club, we used candelabras to add drama and visual interest to an otherwise very simple room & aisle.  The resulting effect was romantic and intimate. 

Cincy Event Planning | Images by Daniel Michael | The Bell Event Center | Petals & Glass
Images by Daniel Michael | Petals & Glass | The Bell Event Center

Cincy Event Planning | Queen City Club | Robin Wood Florals | Five by Five Photography
Five by Five Photography | Robin Wood Florals | Queen City Club

Consult your florist, event planner or designer.  Save your favorite photos on Pinterest, The Knot, Wedding Chicks or Style Me Pretty.  Create a perfect aisle to walk down as you prepare to marry the man of your dreams.


Bridal Junk in the Trunk Event - This Weekend


Just a reminder the Junk in the Trunk event is happening this weekend.  If you have bridal stuff to sell or you are looking for a few offbeat additions to your decor - you should check this out.  All of the details are listed below.... 

Call your Grammy and tell her to pull out the good stuff… it's time to make a little cash. This April 1st from 12pm to 6pm, we'll be holding our first Bridal Junk in the Trunk Bonanza–an event that will allow to-be-brides to come shop for those must-have items for their wedding and recent brides or everyday collectors to unload their treasure while making a few extra bucks.

You've browsed the forums, scoured craigslist and even hit up ebay, but there's something about not only seeing an item in person, but seeing it set up just how you picture it in your mind at your wedding. That's what we'll do for you– this won't be set up like your neighborhood yard sale. Nope, we're going to use the items that you drop off to create beautifully styled tables so you can see just how all these pieces can look at your own wedding.

If you're interested in selling some of your goods, contact to get your items registered, a vendor number and your paperwork all set to go before March 24, 2012. All we'll need is your contact information, a list of your items and photos of those items if you have them. There will be a small fee based upon the number of items you have to sell, which we can figure up for you quickly after you send over your inventory. If you need help with how to price your items, we're happy to help with that, as well.

Head over to our Facebook event page to RSVP (sellers and buyers)

If you have any questions, feel free to email


katie + scott: the wedding film | real wedding cincinnati

Steve from Studio Z films posted Katie + Scott's preview film on his blog yesterday.   It is a beautiful work of art.  Even if you don't know Katie + Scott - you will feel like you do after watching this film.   We are so honored to work with such an amazing couple and vendor team.   Click on the image to view the film on Studio Z's blog.

vendor love 


Meet the Interns... Megan Shepard

Megan tells us a little about herself... 

1. I love being around people.
2. I'm scared of the ocean.
3. I'm obsessed with bright colors.
4. I'm a country girl at heart.
5. My favorite food is movie theater popcorn. 

Get to know Megan...

Favorite Song? "My Kind of Crazy" by Brantley Gilbert
Books or Magazines? I love my Kindle...but I also love Cosmo magazine!! It's tie!
Chocolate or Vanilla? Definitely chocolate
Coke or Pepsi? Neither. I don't like pop.
UC or Xavier? UC all the way!!!
Skyline or Gold Star? I'm from Cincinnati so Skyline obviously!
Describe your personality in 5 words or less. Outgoing, fun, nice, loving life.
Describe your style in 2 words or less. Cute, comfy.
Favorite color? Hot pink!! 
Favorite wedding trend? Bouquets with jewels in them--so pretty and classy!

Meet the Interns... Monica Hullinger

Monica tells us a little about herself... 

1. I love Mexican food and ketchup... not together of course.
2. I am obsessed with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.
3. I cannot stand unpolished toenails.
4. I would rather have an ice cream cake at my own wedding than a traditional cake.
5. Favorite Quote: "To wish to be someone else is to waste the person that you are."

Get to know Monica....  
Favorite Song? The Little Things by Carlos Bertonatti
Books or Magazines? Favorite? I love reading. My favorite books are the Harry Potter series and Wuthering Heights.
Chocolate or Vanilla? CHOCOHOLIC.
Coke or Pepsi?  I don't really like pop. I'll go with Pepsi, only because I met the CEO and she was AWESOME.
UC or Xavier? Bearcats fan all the way.
Skyline or Gold Star? Skyline. I will NOT eat Gold Star.
Describe your personality in 5 words or less: caring, organized, laughs, sunshine
Describe your style in 2 words or less: Classy Casual
Favorite color? Pink. But my favorite color to wear is green!  
Favorite wedding trend? Dessert bars and tutus for flower girls.. doesn't get any cuter than that!

Meet the Interns... Taylor Burchett

Taylor tells us a little about herself.... 
  1. I have never chewed a piece of gum in my entire life
  2. I like crossing off my To Do list with a ruler
  3. I grew up in Sydney, Australia
  4. I have the clearest thoughts when I'm doodling at the same time
  5. I get called out at work for humming to myself almost every day
Get to know Taylor... (p.s. you can definitely tell she's not a Cincy Native, but we'll love her anyway).

Favorite Song? Blue Beard by Band of Horses (A close second was How Can We Be Lovers If We Can't Be Friends by Michael Bolton)
Books or Magazines? Favorite? - Books, my favorite is Eat, Pray, Love
Chocolate or Vanilla? - Vanilla (preferably with chocolate chips)
Coke or Pepsi? - I actually can't tell the difference
UC or Xavier? - Louisville!! I know this is a sore spot with UC fans right now...
Skyline or Gold Star? - I've never tried either of them!
Describe your personality in 5 words or less - Reliable, organized, easy going
Describe your style in 2 words or less - Many stripes
Favorite color? - Blue
Favorite wedding trend?- Fun food; I love when weddings incorporate something different like food trucks, gelato carts, crepe making, etc.

Meet the Interns.... Lindsey Sauter

Lindsey tells us five things about herself....
1) I am a second year Communication major at Miami University and absolutely love it!  I feel very lucky to have found a college that I truly love and feel at home at.
2) Some (or all) who know me well would say that I have a ridiculous love for Taylor Swift.  This started when I was 14 years old and I’ve loved her music ever since!  I’ve even gotten to meet her a few times… the fact that she’s just as nice in person as she seems through her music makes her even cooler to me!
3) I absolutely LOVE South Carolina.  Everything is so beautiful down there, from the beaches to the plantation-style homes to the palm trees… I love vacationing there!
4) I’m the type of person who listens to Christmas music before Thanksgiving… I am crazy about the Christmas season!  Last year, I decorated my entire dorm with Christmas lights, paper snowflakes, garland, and a Christmas tree.  This year I decided to tone it down and just stuck to some lights, a tree, and some yummy-smelling candles.
5) My method of relaxation is baking.  I love finding fun new recipes, especially from Pinterest!  I usually end up giving most of treats to my boyfriend because if I don’t, I can’t resist eating them all myself…I have a major sweet tooth. 

Get to know Lindsey a little better...
Favorite song? My favorite song tends to change by the week... but right now I'm really loving "Not Over You" by Gavin DeGraw!
Books or magazines? It takes a lot to get me really hooked on a book, but I recently finished The Hunger Games and am re-reading it in anticipation of the movie, so definitely The Hunger Games!
Chocolate or Vanilla?  CHOCOLATE.  Godiva, please!
Coke or Pepsi?  Coke!
UC or Xavier? My mom is a UC alum, and my house has always rooted for the Bearcats.
Skyline or Gold Star?  I enjoy both, but would choose Skyline over Gold Star any day.
Describe your personality in five words or less: Driven, outgoing, organized, happy, enthusiastic.
Describe your style in two words or less: Girly/classic
Favorite color: Pink
Favorite wedding trend: I love it when a bride has her bridesmaids choose their own dress style within the same color family.


So you want to be a wedding planner? 2012 edition

We've got the perfect way for you to find out if wedding planning is truly your dream job. Read on for details on the Cincy Event Planning internship....(aka the opportunity to work with two three pretty cool chicks who happen to be pretty damn good at what they do)

What the internship is:
... An invaluable look at the hard work that really goes into an event
... A great opportunity to learn from two three award winning (and fun!) planners in Cincy
... Climbing, hanging, folding, arranging, setting up, fixing, running, rearranging anything and everything

What the intership isn't:
... like anything you've seen in the movies (ie. The Wedding Planner)
... Paid
... Permanent
... Full-time (about 10-15 hours per week when we have an event)

Okay so you have the basic details...still interested?
Fab-u-lous...Keep reading

We definitely have more to chat about if you are:
... calm in the face of adversity (like a MIA best man)
... a good negotiator
... comfortable getting dirty (yes, we often find ourselves crawling on the floor)
... knowledgeable about colors, flowers
... able keep up with the latest trends
... have a good fashion sense (of course we have to look good)
... fun, funny (we like to laugh...a lot)

Lindsey + Julie breaking it down in Mt. Adams (TM Photography)

... comfortable chatting & networking with other vendors

Lindsey + Julie with 3 Spring/Summer 2011 Interns at The Knot Cocktails + Connections Event  (Geri Cuilla Photography)
Julie + Erin at The Vendors Club event

... pumped to do physical labor (in heels or super cute flats)

Ashley, Julie, Therese & Erin - all cleaned up for a black tie wedding
(Five by Five Photography)

... willing to learn lots of new skills (sewing anyone?)

(Amanda Donaho Photography)

... can still smile while working outside, in a dress, in 90+ degree heat (photo evidence below)

Ashley, Therese & Erin at Krippendorf lodge... in July

... able to visualize and be creative without being directed

Julie giving bride Aaren a sneak peek of the reception set-up
(Varland Photography)

...are willing to get the party started, yes, on the dance floor

Jules + Therese doing the Cupid Shuffle.  Oh yes. We never miss it.
(Amanda Donaho Photography)

... can handle the cute, chaotic, craziness that flower girls and ring bearers bring

(Varland Photography)

... you want to work with the best clients

Julie with one of her favorite brides ever... Katrina Grome Mueller - stunning inside + out!
(Angela Anderson Photography)

... share our love of photobooths
(warning... we have a lot of photographic evidence of this.  And yes, you will be forced to participate)


Sorry, we are not interested if:
... Your Saturdays are highly valuable and your social calendar is full of weekend cookouts and events.

Still reading? Sweet. Still Interested? Even better.

Here's what we want:
A list of 10 random facts that will help us get to know you. Be creative, quirky, silly, whatever, just don't bore us. Personality is key people.

An inspiration board - make it fun, interesting and not something we've seen a thousand times. The only rule? It has to incorporate orange. What can we say? It's our favorite color. 

If you grab our attention, we'll be in touch. Send us an email (feel free to include photos, we LOVE photos) with your list to get things started.

Deadline for submission is Monday February 20th, 2012

Here's what we don't want:
Your resume. Your job experience. Unsolicited requests for paid positions. Phone calls.