My friend MJ the so-called amateur

So my friend MJ loves photography. She's been playing with her new camera & I think she's incredibly talented. Apparently, I'm not the only one who thinks so - one of her photos was selected as "photo of the day" on Check it out - it's the leaf photo from 11.01.07.

You see more of her work on her flickr site . I think I'm going to hang a few her photos in my house...if I can convince her to turn them over to me.


my experience as a model...

Well not really... Steph Carson took some "head shots" (I use that term very loosely) for me.

We started out with a divine little lunch - I had a BLT with red pepper mayonnaise & kettle chips.... I digress.

I realized today I am not very comfortable in front of the camera alone. With friends, I'm good. With Kevin (my husband), even better. Alone... I feel silly. Maybe it was the fact Steph was photographing me in the Art Museum or maybe it was her special lens that requires her to get 6 inches from my face. Or maybe I just like to laugh - especially around Steph. We spent 90% of the day laughing. I can't wait to see the end result.


Bitter Bridesmaids Bash

The Bitter Bridesmaids Bash was more fun than you can imagine. I had a great time mingling, networking, bar-hopping & all for a good cause. I think Kenzie's Closet received over 150 dresses. I can't wait for next year. I'm posting several pics from the night. As you can see we had a blast in the photobooth.

Photo of Nancy (Brideface) and me - it was really nice to hang out with each other outside of weddings.

Several of us trying to look "bitter"

A photo I swiped from Nancy's blog who swiped it from April @ Bluebird Photography's blog (did you get that?). I had no clue I was being photographed.


Two Weddings - One Weekend

Wow. Two weddings in one weekend... am I crazy? Maybe. The weddings were completely different but both couples enjoyed insanely warm weather (ok maybe enjoyed is too strong of a word) no rain & plenty of sun.

Lindsay & Bob had a Friday night Catholic ceremony followed by a reception at the Mariner's Inn. I had the pleasure of working with Rachel at Rocketree ( again and TCB DJ's ( for the first time. I think the evening came together just as Lindsay expected...with a few improvisions.

On Sunday (thank goodness it was a Bengals bye week!) Alisha & Lee tied the knot in one of the most untraditional ceremonies I have ever had the pleasure of attending. The ambience of the night was effortlessly (is that a word?) cool modern edgy & intimate. I can't wait to see the pictures - it was my first time working with Tine Hofmann ( & I hope to work with her again soon. Oh & did I mention the food was divine - catered by Maggianos. The staff did an amazing job. My lesson learned for the day... heels, no matter how comfortable, are not ideal for cobblestone.

I need a nap.


What a weekend

I met Cynthia about 4 months ago. She was fed up with planning her wedding. All of the excitement was gone & she literally gave me a pile of stuff and said "go". Over the next few months Cynthia started to get re-energized about the big day. We slowly put together the final details, vendors, etc... and began praying for weather that was less than 100 degrees & no rain. By the time Saturday arrived, Cynthia was glowing. The weather was in the mid 80's no humidity and not a cloud in the sky. The ceremony was perfect. The minister had known Eric, the groom, for 15 years and was the wife of one of the groomsmen. I've never witnessed such a unique and touching ceremony. I cried during most of the ceremony - I didn't even cry during my own wedding! Perhaps one of the best parts of the day for me was working with one of my closest friends, Rachel. She's an event planner in Michigan & this is the first opportunity we've had to work together. We had a fantastic time, and when we arrived home, we celebrated with a bottle of wine compliments of Cynthia & Eric!
The guests enjoyed a perfect garden party with two of my favorite music vendors - Katie Pritchard (guitar) ( and Brian Childs (DJ). We literally didn't have a problem with a single vendor all night. In fact we worked together as a single team to give Cynthia and Eric the night of their lives.
Cynthia's friends were kind enough to share some of their photos with me, so I thought I'd post one of my favorites of the ceremony. I can't wait to see their pro photos courtesy of Michael Bambino Photography.
Congratulations Cynthia & Eric, you are a truly amazing & inspiring couple!


Vivian & Steve

An entire weekend with no weddings, client meetings or events! Kev and I barely knew what to do with ourselves. Of course by Sunday evening, I was back to my email - and found Vivian Owen had sent me some photos from her wedding on August 4th. Vivian has such an eye for detail. All of her impeccable organizational skills made my job a breeze! A special thanks to Sally Gregory for her last minute steaming & sewing effort on Vivian's gown. The dress looked amazing. Here's a shot of Vivian and I checking out Sally's work earlier in the day.


Liz & Zac

Oh the glamorous life of a wedding coordinator... that's me on the floor scrubbing out some stains pre-ceremony. Steph Carson snapped this photo at Liz & Zac's wedding last month. Liz and Zac have this amazing chemistry. They were on cloud 9 all day. I love it when couples just let go & enjoy the day. I'm going to miss them since they are moving overseas soon! It's was first time I worked with Steph, but I've been an admirer of her work for a long time.