Anne + Brendy Featured on Lucky Me! | Real Weddings Cincinnati, Ohio

Perhaps one of my favorite weddings (and families) ever... Anne + Brendy are featured on the Lucky Me! blog. Check out Part I and Part II with gorgeous photography by April @ Bluebird Photography.


photo of the day = engaged

Tracy Abston is one of my favorite people + she's a brilliant photographer. I love this shot from a recent engagement session she shot. I had a few favorites from the shoot - check the rest of them out on Tracy's blog (including the one right beneath this one... love it!).


photo of the day = laughter

It has been clearly established that I love Neysa Ruhl's work. So it shouldn't surprise you that today I'm featuring another one of her shots for our photo of the day.

There is something about this photo that is light + airy + it just makes me smile. Check out more from this fab wedding on Neysa's blog.


photo of the day = bad ass bride

There are so many things I love about this shot by bobbi + mike. I love the framing, the light, and really just how bad ass this bride looks. Check out the rest of this fab wedding - including red shoes + a neon green VW bus on the bobbi + mike blog here.