CEP Couples featured on Lucky Me! 2009 Favorites | Real Weddings Cincinnati, Ohio

Several of our couples made Erin @ Lucky Me list of favorites for 2009.

You'll find CEP couples in the following posts:

Aimee + Jon (Alms Park) in Part Two
Anne + Brendy (Ault Park) in Part Four
Ari + John (Cincinnati Nature Center) in Part Five

To check out the rest of Erin's favorites - visit all five posts in her Favorites of 2009 series

Part One . Part Two . Part Three . Part Four . Part Five .


photo of the day = I See You

This image immediately made me smile. I love when photographers capture little moments like this. For more of this wedding by Todd Pellowe, click here.


Ali + Justin featured in the Winter issue of Cincinnati Wedding Magazine | Real Weddings Cincinnati, OH

Check out the winter issue of Cincinnati Wedding Magazine - you'll see one of our favorite weddings this year... Ali + Justin Yeager. I loved all of the Parisian elements and Ali's gorgeous dress. Not to mention the wonderful families... and we were fortunate to book Ali's now SIL, Michelle, for her wedding to Ali's brother Jeff in October as well. I love getting to work with families more than once!

For more details on this fab wedding check out the Cincinnati Wedding Magazine page here.


photo of the day = rearview

Loving this image by Steph Carson taken on one of her recent roadtrips. It speaks to me on so many levels.


fab friday finds - Glam Hairpins from Banana Republic

These adorable hairpins from Banana Republic fro $9.99 - perfect for a night out, NYE or your big day. The pins are small - about the size of a quarter - so order a few for maximum sparkle. BR has a ton of gorgeous jewelry on sale - check out the selection here.

fab friday finds - BCBG MaxAzria Gown

This gorgeous gown for under $200 ($162.99 to be exact). Perfect for a bride looking to stay chic while saving some serious money. Check it out at Macy's here.



photo of the day = first look

I admit it, I love it when couples choose to see each other before the ceremony. Not just logistically, but it seems to just put the couple at ease. They get to have this incredible private moment and then spend a few minutes of time together alone.... which will be rare for the rest of the day!

Of course I couldn't talk my own husband into seeing each other ahead of time but I still love it when our couples make that choice. I haven't had one couple regret it yet... but it is a very personal preference.

Check out the groom's reaction in today's photo of the day by Varland Photography. I love it. Check out more from this wedding on the Varland Photography blog.

CEP earns Perfect 5 Star Rating on Project Wedding | Cincinnati Wedding + Event Planners

Cincy Event Planning Review

See more reviews of Cincy Event Planning on Project Wedding.


photo of the day = balance

I love this image by April @ Bluebird Photography. It's beautifully symbolic of the delicate balance a marriage takes to work. Not sure if that's what she was aiming for, but it's the first word I thought of when I saw this image on her blog from a gorgeous Lexington KY wedding.


More Ladaska + Theo | Real Weddings, Drees Pavilion, Covington KY

Lifetime Films has done it again. If you watched the video of Ladaska's entrance... you have to watch this highlight film. It's a gorgeous film that truly captures the essence of the day in just a short clip.

Love you guys! Thanks so much Matt for sharing!


ladaska + theo on the lifecasting blog

Ladaska + Theo were married in early September at Drees Pavilion. Matt + his crew did an amazing job filming the entire day. He posted an amazing clip of Ladaska walking down the aisle on the Lifecasting blog. Check it out here.

Looking forward to seeing the complete production from this gorgeous day!

Stay tuned for the wedding post from Ladaska + Theo's wedding day. Bob White sent me the CD of images and they are simply beautiful.


Photobooth Addicts: Part Two | Cincinnati Wedding + Event Planners

So yeah, we've clearly established we are addicted to photobooths. Just providing more evidence. Both of the photobooths from the weddings below were provided by Shutterbooth.

Here we are at Ladaska + Theo's wedding @ Drees Pavilion this September. You have NO idea how long the Photobooth line was. It was packed all. night. long.

And the lovely bride + groom had a couple of rounds in the booth as well. You can see all of the images from the photobooth here.

Kelly + Mark had a gorgeous wedding at the Bell Event Centre downtown in September. I've known Kelly forever but sadly I had to miss this one for my own brother's wedding in Florida. However, Lindsey and our intern, Christy did a great job and had a little fun too.

I was shocked when I pulled up the event images and this is the first one I see... apparently Christy was the "tester" for the Shutterbooth team and the test images were posted too. I love seeing this silly side of her. She'll probably kill me for posting these.

After a little more searching I found these - I love working with these two. We have so much fun.

And finally here are the gorgeous Kelly + Mark taking their turn in the booth.

And Kel glamming it up with her girlfriends. Threes of these lovely ladies are related to me. So sad I missed it. If you want to see the rest of the images from Kelly + Mark's photobooth (and trust me, you do) you can do so here.

Photobooths are so much fun. They add a little extra to the party and can give you a ready made guest book or just provide you with some great photos + favors for your guests.


Anne + Brendy Featured on Lucky Me! | Real Weddings Cincinnati, Ohio

Perhaps one of my favorite weddings (and families) ever... Anne + Brendy are featured on the Lucky Me! blog. Check out Part I and Part II with gorgeous photography by April @ Bluebird Photography.


photo of the day = engaged

Tracy Abston is one of my favorite people + she's a brilliant photographer. I love this shot from a recent engagement session she shot. I had a few favorites from the shoot - check the rest of them out on Tracy's blog (including the one right beneath this one... love it!).


photo of the day = laughter

It has been clearly established that I love Neysa Ruhl's work. So it shouldn't surprise you that today I'm featuring another one of her shots for our photo of the day.

There is something about this photo that is light + airy + it just makes me smile. Check out more from this fab wedding on Neysa's blog.


photo of the day = bad ass bride

There are so many things I love about this shot by bobbi + mike. I love the framing, the light, and really just how bad ass this bride looks. Check out the rest of this fab wedding - including red shoes + a neon green VW bus on the bobbi + mike blog here.


chic + cheap

this fab clutch is over 50% off at Jcrew. Perfect gift or accessory for a friend, bridesmaid or yourself!


CEP on the Chenese Bean blog | Cincinnati Wedding + Event Planning

Chenese recently did our make-up for our photoshoot with Tine last week. She featured us on her blog today. It's been a long time since I've had my make-up done and Chenese did an amazing job! Visit her blog here.


photo of the day = cover girl

Doesn't this look like it could easily be the cover of the next Cincinnati Wedding magazine? The images from this wedding shot by Amanda Donaho are stunning. Check out Amanda's blog for more eye candy (and trust me, there is plenty!)


tiffany + dan = married | Real Weddings Cincinnati, Ohio

I thought it was only on you tube, but I have now seen it in person. Tiffany and Dan wowed their guests at the Manor House with a choreographed first dance routine. When I heard David Bowe's "Magic Dance" start playing I was so excited. The song is from my all time favorite movie, Labyrinth. So you can imagine my excitement when I saw Tiffany, the oh so quiet bride, break into dance. It was awesome, wish I would have had a video camera. The wedding and reception took on a classy, chic, nature ambience. Tiffany looked stunning in her fitted gown, with Dan standing proud in all white. A great day, and her dad made me laugh a lot too. Who doesn't love a funny family. Congratulations on your wedding.

Check out the fantastic Amanda Egan's site for more photos soon.


photo of the day = retro classic

There is something so retro yet classic about this image by Neysa Ruhl. She looks positively smitten, right? I love all the images from this couple's wedding. Check out Neysa's blog for more.


cynthia + eric = happy anniversary

Two years and two days ago one of my favorite brides married a pretty fantastic man. Cynthia's approach to the wedding was laid-back. She wanted all of her guests to have a good time but didn't fret over details that weren't important to her + eric. However, she put some amazing personal touches into the decor - including growing her own centerpieces. the overall feel was a retro fifties garden party with style. Check out more details on cynthia + eric's client page here.

Happy anniversary Cynthia + Eric!!!

melissa + jeremy = happy anniversary

Wow. Three years (and a day). I can't believe it. It was a beautiful summer day + gorgeous dress (that barely fit in the car!) + gorgeous flowers + gorgeous couple.

Three years, one little guy and one more due in just under a week. You two are a wonderful couple - love you both!

happy anniversary!


jennifer + steve = happy anniversary

I know this is one wedding I will never forget. Imagine the 8 months pregnant girl running around Alms Park hanging lanterns in trees....that was me at this wedding. Jennifer looked stunning in her Monique Lhuillier fitted gown, and the park was glowing with a colorful eclectic ambiance. The gorgeous wedding was topped off with guests lighting sparklers on the overlook while watching the labor day fireworks! An amazingly gorgeous night, rich colors, and love rich enough to last a lifetime. Congratulations on your first year of marriage.


vendor feature = lucky designs

So excited to bring you today's vendor feature. Erin from Lucky Designs! We've chatted over twitter, email + our blogs for quite awhile now. It was great to finally meet her at the Knot event at Greenacres. See our pics from the photobooth here.

Erin is a talented, fun + super sweet woman from Cincinnati with a great eye for design. She does custom monograms and stationary work. Erin also has a growing set of very reasonably priced standard monograms. Erin was nice enough to answer some questions so you can get to know her better! Enjoy...

How did you get started?
My own wedding! I had such an incredible time designing my stationery for my own wedding (and so many compliments from my guests), that I wanted to continue being involved in the wedding planning process. I love that I get to “be a guest” at many other beautiful events.

In five words or less, describe your style
Classic, yet modern

In three words or less describe your personality
Fiery, loyal, and funny

What inspires you?
My husband and my mom are a huge part of what inspires me. My mom's motto of "never give up" resonates in my head daily. It keeps me moving, even when I am frustrated. My husband and daughter are curious, entertaining people, and I always feel more creative around them.

Where is your favorite location to find inspiration?
My grandfather is in textiles, and I have to say that I love looking at fabric.

What do you love most about what you do?
I love how much the people behind my favorite blogs and companies care about their clients. I have a deep-seated conviction that the caring and personal involvement is what makes their writing, products and services remarkable.

If you could have lunch with anyone who would it be?
My grandmother - I miss her dearly, and would love to sit down and enjoy her spaghetti and meatballs with her.

If you had three wishes what would they be?
Take care of everything for my family, go to Italy, and be a fantastic photographer!

If you had to pick a theme song, what would it be?
I think this is an even harder question then what is your favorite movie. Music has been a part of my life since I started playing the violin at age 3. My theme song has definitely changed over time. I think it would be different in each stage of my life! Right now, I would have to say All You Need is Love by the Beatles.

Skyline Chili or Gold Star Chili?
Without a doubt, Skyline

Erin included some of her favorite work below. Be sure to check out her blog + website for even more great design.


photo of day = light

From the incredibly talented and oh so fun, April @ Bluebird Photography. Looking forward to working with you next week April!


vendor feature = loft3 photography

So excited to share this vendor feature with y'all today! The brilliant team at Loft3 photography took a few minutes to answer a some questions and share their favorite photos from recent shoots with us.

Interview + photos below (how cool is the last pic? I mean really...)

1. How did you get started in photography?
Melanie: In high school I had an amazing art teacher, Ben Price. He saw in me more than I saw in myself. He made me promise I’d pursue photo and teach one day. Tweleve years later, from heaven, he’s guided me to teaching art to kindergarteners and owning our own photography business!
Adam: In high school I saw a Richard Avedon exhibit. I was hooked.

2. In five words or less describe your photographic style.
Melanie: Traditional Funk

3. In three words or less describe your personality.
Colorful. Crazy. Open minded.
Adam: Chill. Creative. Unique.

4. What inspires you?
Melanie: Color. My husband. And watching anyone do anything they love.
Adam: White space…music…other artists.

5. Favorite location for e-pics? Weddings? Receptions?
Melanie: Anywhere that has texture, color and natural light.
Adam: I don’t really have a favorite…I like to switch it up.

6. What do you love most about what you do?
Regardless of the shoot, we are sharing in some of the happiest moments in peoples lives! Also, we are our own bosses and we don’t have to split the checks. (except with the government!)
Adam: It doesn’t feel like I’m working.

7. If you could photograph anyone who would It be?
Melanie: This question is ridiculously hard. How about any famous, beautiful girl with unlimited wardrobe and makeup!
Adam: The Rat Pack

8. Three wishes, what would they be?
1. Money doesn’t exist. 2. Turn all the negativity in the world into positivity! 3. Meet both of my grandpas.
Adam: 1. For my Chihuahua lilo to live as long as I do. 2. Cure for cancer 3. To have the power to make anyone do whatever I want. Muauauahaha.

9. Your theme song?
Melanie: ‘Three Little Birds” Bob Marley
Adam: Peter Bjorn & John – nothing to worry about

10. Skyline or Goldstar?
Melanie: Goldstar, duh. We’re tight with the owners. Lol (they are one of our clients)
Adam: Goldstar.

for more eye candy... check out the Loft3 blog.


photo of the day = moody

Changing it up for today. Love this photo from Megan Jane Photography... For more beautiful photos from Megan, check out her blog or her Flickr photostream


stephanie + luke = happy anniversary

Stephanie and Luke's wedding at Ault park was one of my favorites last summer. It was a quick engagement with not a lot of frills and fuss. They just wanted to be married and have a great party. That it definitely was! They are an amazingly gorgeous couple, and I can't help but think of them everytime I hear Jason Mraz sing "I'm Yours". Wishing you as much happiness in the second year as the first!

Check out Stephanie + Luke's client page for more pictures from Mike Bresnen Photography.


nickie + nick = married

We lucked out with a very pleasant August day for an outside wedding. The wedding took place at the Willow Tree Inn, north of Dayton. It is a gorgeous venue and was perfect for this laid back couple. They got married in the field alongside the Inn, then guest walked across the bridge to the barn for the reception. Nickie, who has the most gorgeous hair, looked stunning in her fitted gown and mantilla. I LOVED the bridesmaid dresses, which were flowy and flattering to all of the girls. And the barn looked amazing with bright pops of orange and red. Great family, great weather, gorgeous setting, stunning bride: can only mean one thing.......a great day! Congratulations!


photo of the day = dancing queen

This bride is absolutely stunning + having such a good time! love this moment captured by Loft3 Photography. Check out more of this fabulous wedding on the Loft3 blog. Look for an in depth vendor feature on Loft3 Photography shortly!!!


me = photobooth addict

The first step is admitting you have a problem right? If there is a photobooth, I have to get in (usually multiple times). I've loved them since I was a kid and forced my friends to do them every visit to Kings Island. Last night at the Knot event at Greenacres Arts Center in Indian Hill, Shutterbooth had a huge booth set up. You could stand up move around and fit a ton of people in there. It's a little strange until you get used to using up all of the space. I had a great time last night enjoying amazing waffles from Taste of Belgium (seriously SO good), food from Chef's Choice and tunes from DJ Toad. I also caught up with some of my favorite people + met a few I've been looking forward to meeting - Carrie Karibo, Erin from Lucky Me! and the women from Giddy Ink to name a few. Ok now onto the photobooth madness...

my first photobooth shots of the night with Reagan from StudioZ films, April from Bluebird Photography and Erin of Lucky Me! Can you tell we were still trying to figure it all out in the first photo?

Later I had to drag in Matt + Dan from Lifetime Films. Love working with these guys. So much fun.

Towards the end of the evening, I finally connected with one of my favorite flower gurus, Katie Elfers. She provided the flowers for the event and sent everyone home with some beautiful creations. I mean, how cute is she? Love you Katie.


lindsey + phil = happy anniversary

wow, has it really been two years since the beautiful (and yes, a wee bit hot) day the two of you were married at the Manor House? I loved the personalized touches in your ceremony, decor and favors. You were both simply a joy to work with.

Happy 2nd anniversary!!!!

Check out Lindsey + Phil's client page for more amazing photography by Sutography.