ann + dan = Happy Anniversary

May 31 last year was a sunny day similiar to today. I do not think I have ever worked with a more calm, cool and collected Bride. When your family is as HUGE as this one, I guess you learn to take it easy and go with the flow. Ann and Dan had a gorgeous wedding at the Bell Event Center. The bride wore green shoes and a dress made by her mother. It is a day I remember fondly, as I am sure they do as well. Congratulations on your one year anniversary!


Brady's First Bday Tee

I had to share the images (front/back) for Brady's tshirt that he will be wearing for his 1st birthday party this weekend. I can't believe he's one already!!!! Looks like we are going to have a gorgeous day too!


jules + kevin = happy (2nd) anniversary

Last year I posted a bunch of my favorite 'posed' shots from our wedding day.  This year, I'm posting the candid photos that really capture how I felt that day & how much fun it really was.  I have a ton of wonderful memories from our wedding day including:
- Walking in to "Welcome to the Jungle" (GNR)
- Our first dance, "Me & You" by Kenny Chesney - Kev sang the entire song to me
- My cousin Jen's (MOH) speech that made me cry (the only time that day!)
- Singing (and dancing) to Family Tradition (Hank Jr) + Fins (Buffett) with my little brother
- My killer orange champagne flute
- A packed dance floor all night
- Our crazy families all mixed together having a great time
- Girlfriends that traveled in from all over the country to celebrate with me
- Dancing with our girls to "Brown Eyed Girl" (Van Morrison)
- My family finally seeing how truly happy Kevin makes me. 
- Knowing I married my best friend and there is no one out there more perfect for me (ok so a little sappy & maybe cliche, but very true!)


Steph + Frode = Happy Anniversary

I can't believe it's been SIX years!  Thank you for letting me be a part of your wonderful wedding celebration in Pittsburgh.   I know you hired me because we are friends and you knew you could boss me around (wink!) but I was so happy to be there for you...  A few of my favorite memories:
- Speeding ticket on the way to the rehearsal! (ok, so not a favorite, but definitely memorable!)
- Beautiful ceremony + Stunning reception
- All of the Norwegian & American children playing - even if they couldn't speak the same language!
- Reuniting with everyone from Ohio U + the big group picture
- Being there with one of my best friends on one of the happiest days of her life!
Love you both - can't wait to meet baby #2!


Alison + Drew = Happy Anniversary

If I was asked to describe Alison and Drew's wedding in one word, it would be...organized. Alison was somehow able to step out of her planning mode and let CEP make sure they had a care free and perfect day. Does not suprise me that a year later she went from planning her own wedding, to helping plan others. Alison was full of smiles that day, and it is obvious that Drew still makes her smile on a daily basis. Congrats on a successful year of marriage, and wishing you many more to come. Some funny pictures from our Say Cheese photos we took at a wedding we worked together last summer.


ashley + dustin = married

Gorgeous bride, fabulous setting, great weather, amazing families. Perfect ingredients for a beautiful and fun May wedding.

I don't think Ashley can take a bad picture. Check out more photos, taken by the always talented Steph Carson, on Steph's blog: More pictures and details from Ashley and Dustin's wedding to come.


One Yellow Dress, Two Different Looks

I fell in love with this Nicole Miller yellow dress the first time I saw it a few weeks ago. It's perfect for a rehearsal dinner or wedding guest attire. Super versatile too. I've shown it with two completely different types of accessories.... I love them both - which do you prefer?

umbrella , flower burst ring, christian louboutin heels, patent hinge wallet, nicole miller dress, scarf, kate spade bangles, slingbacks

kate + thomas = married

Amanda Egan posted these gorgeous photos from kate + thomas's wedding last Saturday @ the Taft Museum of Art on her blog.

I am in love with the second photo - it's a perfect moment captured. More details on kate + thomas's amazing day with more photos coming soon!

Tools of the trade... hem tape

This fabulous stuff works in a pinch for hemming just about anything.  We've used it on tuxedo pants, hems of bridesmaid dresses & even the hem of a bustled wedding dress that was dragging.  It's durable yet removable - so your fabric isn't ruined. 


stephanie + nathan = happy anniversary

Stephanie & Nathan had a destination wedding in Jamaica & an at home reception at the Savannah Centre. It was the last wedding I coordinated prior to having Brady. I can't believe it's been a year! Stephanie & Nathan have to be one of the most photogenic & gorgeous couples we've had as clients... I mean really. Holy hotness. The amazing photos below are courtesy of the brilliant Tracy Abston of Pictures by Tracy.

Happy Anniversary Stephanie & Nathan! Hope this year is even better than the last!


do you twitter?

I'm really getting into Twitter lately. Last night was the first wedding (kate + thomas) I did with a "play by play" of sorts on Twitter. It's a lot of fun. We follow some of our favorite vendors as well as current & former brides and grooms on Twitter. So easy to keep in touch - without having to spend hours on my google reader!

If you want to follow us on twitter - search for jules0527 or jules @ cep.


inspired - brady's first birthday

Our little guy, Brady, is turning one on June 1st. We're planning a fairly big birthday for our little guy. Thought I would share the inspiration board I created for the event.

We just finished the invites last night. I decided I wanted to do a cutout of either a jersey or a football. We went with the football - I will never DIY an invitation again (and by DIY I ordered the invites, and printed them myself). It was verging on torture. Kudos to all of the brides out there that have the energy & patience to DIY any paper product!

Cupcake Liners - Football Helmet Invitation - Michigan T-ShirtRugby Shirt - Short Sleeve HoodieRacerback TankNecklace - FootballBirthday CakeCupcake - Balloons


a girl can dream...


While reading my daily dose of EAD, I found this event space... too bad it is in Chicago. 
Cincinnati desperately needs a space like this.  High ceilings, exposed brick, hardwood floors, giant windows, rooftop deck that holds more than 50 people... essentially a blank canvas of modern/industrial loft space to fill in with all of your own details. 
Oh yes, a girl can dream....


kelly + mark = engaged

I was seriously contemplating titling this post kelly+mark = hot
I've known Kelly (the bride-to-be) for a long time, I had no clue she had this vampy sexy side.  Love the shoes + the makeup + attitude.   Mark looks pretty good himself.   You
two make Cincinnati look GOOD.
Jess & Brett at studio3z photography are freaking brilliant.  These night shots are... well there are no words.  These images are intimate, sexy, edgy and just plain fantastic.  

I cannot wait to see the images of their September wedding at the Verdin Bell.  
Check out the studio3z blog for more!


Laura + Josh = Engaged!

More amazing photography by Neysa Ruhl.  I'm not a stalker, honest.  
But seriously how gorgeous is Laura?  Maybe I'm biased because she is my cousin (well technically Kev's cousin) but wow, is she stunning in these photos.  The cameo appearance is their son Alex. Such a handsome guy, he and Brady will be causing trouble in a few years I'm sure.   
I think the black & white image above is my favorite.  You can see so much of their personalities in that photo!  Looking forward to the October wedding at the Madison you two!