What a weekend

I met Cynthia about 4 months ago. She was fed up with planning her wedding. All of the excitement was gone & she literally gave me a pile of stuff and said "go". Over the next few months Cynthia started to get re-energized about the big day. We slowly put together the final details, vendors, etc... and began praying for weather that was less than 100 degrees & no rain. By the time Saturday arrived, Cynthia was glowing. The weather was in the mid 80's no humidity and not a cloud in the sky. The ceremony was perfect. The minister had known Eric, the groom, for 15 years and was the wife of one of the groomsmen. I've never witnessed such a unique and touching ceremony. I cried during most of the ceremony - I didn't even cry during my own wedding! Perhaps one of the best parts of the day for me was working with one of my closest friends, Rachel. She's an event planner in Michigan & this is the first opportunity we've had to work together. We had a fantastic time, and when we arrived home, we celebrated with a bottle of wine compliments of Cynthia & Eric!
The guests enjoyed a perfect garden party with two of my favorite music vendors - Katie Pritchard (guitar) ( and Brian Childs (DJ). We literally didn't have a problem with a single vendor all night. In fact we worked together as a single team to give Cynthia and Eric the night of their lives.
Cynthia's friends were kind enough to share some of their photos with me, so I thought I'd post one of my favorites of the ceremony. I can't wait to see their pro photos courtesy of Michael Bambino Photography.
Congratulations Cynthia & Eric, you are a truly amazing & inspiring couple!

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Nerdy said...

Aw Jules. I had more fun than you did. It was an amazing wedding and you could just feel the passion and love Cynthia and Eric have for each other. Those are the best weddings to plan.

Thank you so much to you and to the both of them for letting me share in this wonderful event. I had an amazing time.

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