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A few quick + simple tips for your unity candle.

*Have someone (like your wedding planner) prelight the candle wicks and blow them out prior to the ceremony. Occasionally the wicks can be difficult to light for the first time. Burning off the excess wax covering helps the wicks light easier during the ceremony itself.

*Keep a small tealight lit discreetly behind the main pillar candle or in another hidden location on the altar/table. We often use a lit tealight instead of lighters, matches or candlelighters. The mothers (or designated persons) take the taper from either side of the main candle and light from the tealight. Simple, easy and no worries about getting the lighter to work. There are certain denominations that require lighting from a specific candle at the altar but the overall idea is the same.

*If you are having an outdoor ceremony, be sure to put hurricanes over your unity candles. Ideally the hurricane should be 2-3" taller than the wick of the candle to help prevent wind from blowing out the candle or preventing it from being lit in the first place. Even so, realize that some locations are so windy that it makes it nearly impossible to keep the candles lit. If you are getting married outside and want something to symbolize the union but don't want to worry about candles lighting or staying lit - consider a sand ceremony.

*Anyone can light the unity candle - mothers are the most common, but I've seen both sets of parents light candles as well. Another popular option for couples with children is to have the children light the candles - very little ones can be escorted by another family member to help.

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