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Our little guy turns two today! Due to our vacation schedule we had his birthday this past Saturday. He loves baseball (well pretty much any sport with a ball!) so it seemed like the perfect theme to start the summer. We started with this invitation to set the tone for the day:

The menu included ballpark fare such as hot dogs, stadium brats, popcorn and of course peanuts. We also had mini Baby Ruth bars and cupcakes for dessert. I think my favorite thing were the favors though - rice krispy treats on sticks with a thank you note tagged to the stick. The note read "Thank you for making my birthday a hit! - Brady." The kids (+ adults!) loved them.

The only thing I would have changed is that we should have done cake before presents (like we usually do). Once Brady opened his Radiator Springs playmat + Mack loader with Lightning McQueen - he didn't want to do anything else.... so we had to bring his cupcake to him on his mat. He was way to busy having fun to slow down for cake.

I could have gone way overboard with this theme, but we had decided to stick to a small reasonable budget for his second birthday... the entire birthday (including invitations) cost less than $100. I think we ended up with a near perfect 2nd birthday!

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Renee said...

love these ideas!! Looking forward to when my little boy is old enough for such a fun party!

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