So you want to be a wedding planner? 2012 edition

We've got the perfect way for you to find out if wedding planning is truly your dream job. Read on for details on the Cincy Event Planning internship....(aka the opportunity to work with two three pretty cool chicks who happen to be pretty damn good at what they do)

What the internship is:
... An invaluable look at the hard work that really goes into an event
... A great opportunity to learn from two three award winning (and fun!) planners in Cincy
... Climbing, hanging, folding, arranging, setting up, fixing, running, rearranging anything and everything

What the intership isn't:
... like anything you've seen in the movies (ie. The Wedding Planner)
... Paid
... Permanent
... Full-time (about 10-15 hours per week when we have an event)

Okay so you have the basic details...still interested?
Fab-u-lous...Keep reading

We definitely have more to chat about if you are:
... calm in the face of adversity (like a MIA best man)
... a good negotiator
... comfortable getting dirty (yes, we often find ourselves crawling on the floor)
... knowledgeable about colors, flowers
... able keep up with the latest trends
... have a good fashion sense (of course we have to look good)
... fun, funny (we like to laugh...a lot)

Lindsey + Julie breaking it down in Mt. Adams (TM Photography)

... comfortable chatting & networking with other vendors

Lindsey + Julie with 3 Spring/Summer 2011 Interns at The Knot Cocktails + Connections Event  (Geri Cuilla Photography)
Julie + Erin at The Vendors Club event

... pumped to do physical labor (in heels or super cute flats)

Ashley, Julie, Therese & Erin - all cleaned up for a black tie wedding
(Five by Five Photography)

... willing to learn lots of new skills (sewing anyone?)

(Amanda Donaho Photography)

... can still smile while working outside, in a dress, in 90+ degree heat (photo evidence below)

Ashley, Therese & Erin at Krippendorf lodge... in July

... able to visualize and be creative without being directed

Julie giving bride Aaren a sneak peek of the reception set-up
(Varland Photography)

...are willing to get the party started, yes, on the dance floor

Jules + Therese doing the Cupid Shuffle.  Oh yes. We never miss it.
(Amanda Donaho Photography)

... can handle the cute, chaotic, craziness that flower girls and ring bearers bring

(Varland Photography)

... you want to work with the best clients

Julie with one of her favorite brides ever... Katrina Grome Mueller - stunning inside + out!
(Angela Anderson Photography)

... share our love of photobooths
(warning... we have a lot of photographic evidence of this.  And yes, you will be forced to participate)


Sorry, we are not interested if:
... Your Saturdays are highly valuable and your social calendar is full of weekend cookouts and events.

Still reading? Sweet. Still Interested? Even better.

Here's what we want:
A list of 10 random facts that will help us get to know you. Be creative, quirky, silly, whatever, just don't bore us. Personality is key people.

An inspiration board - make it fun, interesting and not something we've seen a thousand times. The only rule? It has to incorporate orange. What can we say? It's our favorite color. 

If you grab our attention, we'll be in touch. Send us an email (feel free to include photos, we LOVE photos) with your list to get things started.

Deadline for submission is Monday February 20th, 2012

Here's what we don't want:
Your resume. Your job experience. Unsolicited requests for paid positions. Phone calls.

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Emily @ Go Haus Go said...

I would not be able to do it but I know people that may! I will pass it along.

P/S: Just stumbled on to your blog. Love it! Glad to see Cincy making a name for itself in the event planning world.

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