jules + kevin = happy (2nd) anniversary

Last year I posted a bunch of my favorite 'posed' shots from our wedding day.  This year, I'm posting the candid photos that really capture how I felt that day & how much fun it really was.  I have a ton of wonderful memories from our wedding day including:
- Walking in to "Welcome to the Jungle" (GNR)
- Our first dance, "Me & You" by Kenny Chesney - Kev sang the entire song to me
- My cousin Jen's (MOH) speech that made me cry (the only time that day!)
- Singing (and dancing) to Family Tradition (Hank Jr) + Fins (Buffett) with my little brother
- My killer orange champagne flute
- A packed dance floor all night
- Our crazy families all mixed together having a great time
- Girlfriends that traveled in from all over the country to celebrate with me
- Dancing with our girls to "Brown Eyed Girl" (Van Morrison)
- My family finally seeing how truly happy Kevin makes me. 
- Knowing I married my best friend and there is no one out there more perfect for me (ok so a little sappy & maybe cliche, but very true!)


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Happy Anniversary, Julie!!

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