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Congratulations, you are engaged! Now what?

One of the first things you should do besides calling, texting, twittering your big news to your friends + family... is to figure out your budget.

Yes, the dreaded budget. So many brides are so excited, they pick a date, book a venue and then realize they have no idea what the bottom line really is. This can cause newlyweds to go into unnecessary debt and spend money unforseen costs.

There are standard budget templates available all over the web. If you are a DIY bride, start with these. Remember though these are just guidelines. If you don't care about cake then take some of that percentage and add it to the photography budget. The important thing to remember is to prioritize what is important to you on that day and allocate the funds you need in those areas.

If budget planning seems overwhelming to you, consult a wedding planner. (shameless plug? yes, but it is our blog, right?) An experienced planner can sit down with you and discuss your vision and how to make it work with your budget. Remember every bride has a budget - some are big and some are small, but there is always a bottom line. Budget planning + vendor recommendations have recently become services in high demand from our clients. Perhaps it's the economy or just more responsible spending, but we love showing couples how to work within their budget + still achieve the overall vision for their wedding day.

Regardless how you devise your budget, make sure you do, then consider how to make it all happen for that price tag. Clueless of how to make that happen? Consult a wedding planner. Most of us offer consultation only packages including budget creation + vendor recommendations. Believe it or not, a wedding planner can help you save money and we love helping our clients do so!

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