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What OTC meds do we keep in our kit? We thought we'd share a list of the ones we use most. Of course you can avoid the need for most of these by getting a good night's sleep, eating a healthy dinner/breakfast + not stressing out on your big day! But just in case, here's a peek inside our "traveling pharmacy"

Headaches + Migraines + Pain Relief

We like to keep several of these types on hand. Everyone has something that usually "works" for them. The Tylenol Rapid Relase Gels are great because they work so quickly.
Digestive Issues

These can be the worst + most embarrassing symptoms for anyone in the bridal party. We always keep Rolaids Plus + Tums in our kit. It's amazing how stress can tie your stomach in knots - especially if you had a particularly decadent rehearsal dinner meal or drinks the night before. These help cure a sour stomach in no time.

Cold + Sinus + Allergy

Sometimes, regardless of how well you take care of yourself, the environment can wreak havoc on your allergies or a random cold can just appear virturally out of nowhere. We keep a range of sinus, allergy + cold relief meds - all non-drowsy! As well as cough drops just in case.
First Aid

Last but not least, we keep a first aid kit handy. Truth be told we use the band-aids more for shoes than scrape coverage, but nonetheless it has definitely come in handy on more than one occasion (think rambunctious ring bearers + daredevil groomsmen).

So there are the basics of our OTC essentials in our kit. Of course we have so many more things in our kit that we'll continue to share with you every Thursday as well.

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